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The most commonly asked questions, answered!

Will I require an Al-Ko compatible tow ball to tow my caravan?

If your caravan is fitted with a hitch-mounted stabiliser you will require an Al-Ko compatible tow ball to tow it.

Will the towbar interfere with my parking sensors?

This is not normally a problem with OEM (manufacturer fitted) parking aids. Unfortunately when fitting a fixed bar to some models of vehicle we are unable to fully guarantee that the sensors will not pick up the fitting, particularly in the case of fixed flanges and an additional bumper protector. Simply contact us for advice... or even consider a detachable unit which is very simply removed when not towing.

Can my existing towbar be removed and fitted to a newer model of the same vehicle?

Although we offer a removal service, we will never fit used equipment. Not only will EU conformity be lost, but also any warranty. If you are considering the removal of your towbar please be aware that some car models will require an impact beam to be replaced, this is an extremely important part of a car's safety features!

How much weight can I tow behind my vehicle?

Your towing capacities are often found on a sticker either on the car's B pillar or in the engine bay. If in doubt any dealership will be able to help you. We can always advise you on the maximum towing weight of your chosen towbar. It is extremely important that these weight limits are complied with.

Can I tow a caravan or trailer and still use a towbar mounted cycle carrier at the same time?

A fixed flange type fitting will give you the opportunity to tow and carry at the same time. A swan neck type fitting will only allow you to either tow or carry.

Can I use a universal bypass wiring kit or will I need a vehicle specific electrical kit?

Modern vehicles are equipped with many features that assist with towing. A dedicated or vehicle specific wiring kit fully integrates with these programmes, such as all bulb failure warnings, braking systems, tow assist programmes, fog light and parking aid cut outs. In short, as soon as you "plug in" your car knows that you are towing. Importantly, dedicated kits are particularly important in fully protecting your car's warranty as they are manufacturer approved. Bypass wiring is a perfectly safe way of wiring your vehicle, as any current is drawn direct from a 12 volt source such as your fusebox or battery, and not from the vehicle's wiring harness. However, as the name implies, any safety or towing assist features are also bypassed. Please be aware that on some vehicles Towbars Wales will only use vehicle specific kits. "Your safety..............our concern!

What is covered by your guarantee?

We offer a guarantee against faulty parts and workmanship. All towbars fitted by us come with the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and are EC approved. All electrical installations are guaranteed for one year from date of invoice. Warranty work will only be undertaken at the original fitting address except in extenuating circumstances and even then only within the areas that we cover and at Towbars Wales discretion.



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Towbars Wales are based in Crickhowell, Mid Wales.  A member of the National Trailer & Towing Association, we supply and fit equipment from EU approved manufacturers such as Tow-Trust, Witter, Westfalia and Brink.


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